Thursday, August 11, 2011

We are...Making Sushi!

Two weekends ago (I know I'm way behind on posting this), I had the opportunity to get together with a group from church and learn how to make sushi and spring rolls. So fun!  Our new friends, Robb and Pam Chandler, have become very good friends with these two sweet young women:

Sisters Ruby and Daisy are from Vietnam.  Using the Bible in a small study on Sunday mornings, Robb is teaching these ladies English.  He and Pam minister to these women in a way that just amazes me. 

After several people had the opportunity to taste the spring rolls these ladies brought to a July 4th party, Pam decided it would be fun to have a get-together at the church where Ruby and Daisy could demonstrate how to make sushi and spring rolls.  I was not going to miss that! (Unfortunately, Joshua wasn't feeling well that morning, so he was unable to attend).  There was a great group of folks in the church kitchen that morning, each of us eager to test our culinary skills... and even more excited to taste the end results!  We had a lot of fun, and everything was delicious! And, I'm telling you, Ruby and Daisy make the absolute BEST tasting spring rolls I've ever had. 

Robb and Pam sent me home with some of the leftover ingredients, so I treated Joshua to homemade California rolls for dinner and that made him happy.  I also attempted the spring rolls.  This didn't go as well as the sushi...  :-)

Rolling them up was easy.  However... I have no idea how to fry anything.  So... they looked... well, disgusting.  I also melted a nylon spatula in the process, and had to open the garage, some windows, and every door in the house to air out the smell of the crispity-crunchity unidentifiable charred remains of what should have been something delicious.  Thankfully, I only attempted to fry four of the twenty or so that I had rolled.  The rest are  now in the freezer, waiting for someone to come over and teach me how to deep fry something.

I refuse to embarass myself (any further...ahem) by pretending to fully remember the How-To's well enough now for this to be any kind of Instructional post.... so I'll just leave you with some pictures of the day and of some of our sweet new friends!

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